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As night falls the freshies become active and all the nocturnal wildlife comes out to feed and play.  There is action in the water, in the air and in the trees as the nocturnal wildlife moves about and the diurnal animals settle down for the night.  We do not know of another place quite like Alligator Hole or anywhere with such a high number for Freshies!.  This opportunity is really something special with genuine wow factor, something you will remember. 


The image below shows half of one end of Alligator Hole. All the lights are eyes of Freshwater Crocodiles - there are over 40 in this one shot. This experience is enthralling - an exciting foray into the Top End's natural billabong habitat after dark.


The images in the slideshow below are a sample of some of the things you may see at night around Alligator Hole billabong. In a wild natural space every night is different but all these images have been taken at Alligator Hole.


Sometimes you get the totally unexpected as with this ancient fish species the Saratoga jumping for moths in this video clip