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Saltwater Crocodiles

The Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is found across North Australia and up into Asia from India to Southern China.  It grows to a much larger size than the Freshwater crocodile - 6 to 7 metres by which time it may weigh over 1,500 kilograms, making it the worlds heaviest living reptile.  Salties are considered dangerous to people. Salties are believed to have been around in their current form for over 6 million years, and despite their name are not restricted to salt water and are found in completely freshwater environments.

Most years a Salty spends the Dry season in Alligator Hole Billabong.  The Salty that was in Alligator hole in 2018 (pictured below) was only about 3 metres and it is quite shy and difficult to get a good look at.  As time progresses it might become more relaxed.  We have seen it on the bank a few times during the day basking but at night it is usually sitting right in the middle of the billabong with only its eyes visible.  We need to stalk it carefully to get close enough for photographs.

In 2012 a much larger Salty was in residence.  He was much more relaxed and allowed us to see him more often.  He was still fairly shy like most crocodiles and you had to be quiet and stealthy to approach within camera range.  Alligator Hole allows you to see these animals in safety as at night their eye-shine reveals exactly where they are.  The billabong edges are also very shallow, and so any approaching animal would be noticeable.  It is truly something special to see one of these fabulous animals in their natural domain.  We look forward to helping you understand more about these living dinosaurs.  Click this link to see some great footage we have captured.