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Ian Morris has the most extraordinary internationally renowned and broad knowledge base about north Australia.  He has an extraordinary scientific and indigenous knowledge perspective about the ecology of the north or "Top End" of Australia and works with people like Sir David Attenborough, film crews from the BBC and National Geographic, to help them understand the region and what to film in their big documentaries about the Top End.  He was also a part of the award winning film Kakadu in 2013 and you will see his name in the credits of may documentaries.  Ian has a great love of the wildlife and systems of the north and his knowledge is based on a unique blend of indigenous and western science knowledge.

Ian spent many years growing up with the Yolngu people in Arnhemland where he learned their language and a lot about their knowledge systems and culture.  He also studied at University in Canberra and worked as an ecology researcher before joining Kakadu as the Indigenous Ranger Trainer when Kakadu was formed.  He worked extensively with many of the Bininj and other indigenous elders who had lived traditionally in the Kakadu region and was fortunate to learn so much from these people about the land and culture.

He is also a passionate and gifted educator and a brilliant photographer.

He has enjoyed the ecological hot spots of Aliigator Hole and Adelaide River Hills many times and is keen to help others understand and enjoy these special places.