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Essence of the Top End Tour

See some of our most iconic wildlife in their natural habitat.

Our day trips provide take you into the core of Gouldian finch habitat in the rocky hills and provides a great opportunity to not only see the Gouldians but the many other bird species and wildlife in that rocky hills habitat along with the associated creeks and billabongs, including crocodiles basking by day.

This is the area where the Attenborough documentary “Life in Colour” Gouldian finch segments were filmed. Only very special things and places make it into Attenborough documentaries and you can come and see why.

There are more than 90 species of birds in this area including 18 raptors. Our experienced guides can give you an insight into the ecology of the area as well as the birds. 

Get that ‘being part of nature’ feeling as you enjoy the amazing wildlife of the Top End in an intimate experience like no other. The unique hot-spots visited are on private land and will give you a deeply personal view of the biodiversirty of the Top End - a view that you won’t achieve anywhere else in the region. This is a truly unique opportunity to engage with the natural world and gain a deeper connection with Top End Australia

Visit www.crocsandgouldians.com.au or call 08 8941 1162 or 0411 881 378 for more information and to book your experience.

Customised experiences for small groups are also available.