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Graeme Sawyer is an educator, wildlife researcher, multimedia developer and a former Lord Mayor of Darwin.  He is a passionate advocate for the Top End and it's biodiversity.  He has developed the Crocs & Gouldians tour to help people to better understand the part of the country he lives in.  He has a life-long passion for the natural world and a long history of developing educational resources about biodiversity in the wet-dry tropics of Australia.  He was awarded the Serventy Conservation Award in 2016 by the 108 year old Australian Wildlife Society for his service to the environment.

Graeme is an environmentalist and researcher and key activist in relation to the cane toad issue in North Australia. You may have seen him in one of the many films about the cane toad problem in Australia.

The areas visited in this tour are among his favorite places in the Top End. Many of the images and videos on this site were shot by Graeme at the Station.  He believes there is something special about the places this trip visits, and that they are so easily accessible is fantastic.  These places also show how some niches in the environment are so important for wildlife.